Andrus Kuzmin
Andrus Kuzmin is an experienced radio man who has been working in the radio landscape since the early 1990s. Worked on several radio stations, done all kinds of work, both mornings, nights and programs. The Hits Radio project is hopefully not just a hobby and will be realized on the fm frequency as well.
Sass Nixon

Sass Nixon is an experienced showman. In the knowledge of retro music, there is no opponent for him on this planet. Sass has also worked on the radio. On weekends, Sass spins video hits in different clubs.

Gena Shkodin
Controller Prodject
The radio show Magic Sound Podcast comes out twice a month, the first and third Monday of each month, the duration of the radio show is 60 minutes The best, beautiful, energetic and melodic, in our opinion, Trance-style works come from the best DJs and musicians from around the world, as well as from other not-known DJs and musicians who sound in radio shows. Dip into the world of the beautiful, touch the best with every cell of your body, every atom of your brain – every bit of your soul! Together with the Kontroller Project and radio show Magic Sound Podcast Radio show sounds on 130 radio stations in 60 countries of the world


    Hits Radio Online on mõnusat tantsumuusikat edastav veebiraadio. Listi värskendatakse pidevalt. Head kuulamist 😉

    Küsimused ja soovitused saatke

    Kuna isegi veebiraadio ülalpidamisel on kulutused siis olen ka väga tänulik kui saaksite raadiot toetada. All järgneval nupule klikates saate raadiot toetada nii krediit kui ka deebet kaardiga läbi PayPal keskonna (ei pea olema kontot paypalis)

    Hits Radio Online is a web radio that delivers nice dance music. The list is constantly updated. Good listening  😉

    Since even maintaining a web radio is a cost, I would also be very grateful if you could support the radio. By clicking on the link below you can support me with both credit and debit cards through the PayPal environment (no need a paypal account)